Sam Ferguson
Carls Furniture Maintenance Director / Coconut Creek, FL

“Optimum Landscaping has been providing us for the past few years a
consistent and reliable lawn and landscape maintenance service in four of
our South Florida facilities that keeps our stores always with a great
appearance and healthy green areas. Their professionalism and
courteousness have been impeccable so we highly recommend their services.”



Mabel Hart
Yachtronics / Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Thank you Optimum Landscaping, the green areas of our office building
always look great, you’ve been doing a great consistent job maintaining well
manicured our lawn and landscape. It’s always nice having reliable
contractors who really care about customer satisfaction.”



Vivian Marlotte, Weston, FL

“I’m very pleased with Optimum Landscaping services. I’m enjoying my
landscape and I am constantly receiving compliments about it.
Optimum Landscaping has done a wonderful job, especially by providing a monthly service for maintaining my yard perfectly manicured and trouble free. Thank you Optimum Landscaping. ”



Kim Clark-Campbell, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

“For all my future landscaping needs I will not hesitate on calling again
Optimum Landscaping, they’re professional, dependable and knowledgeable.
I do appreciate all the quality work they did in my property.”




Mr. and Mrs. Bamberger, Plantation, FL

“Thank you Optimum Landscaping for the great job. Your prompt response,
your attention to detail and your professional advice were key factors for
reaching our goal for having a beautiful yard, it’s been a pleasure working
with you.”